Friday is not a day for coherant, unified thought

  • My friend has gotten me back on the exercise wagon after a glorious 2.5 weeks of rest. I was starting to get tired of being lazy and having free time. (Unfortunately, due to a certain male’s flattering, but sometimes too time consuming desire to hang out with me when he’s not building a hybrid race car, the free time has mostly been used up watching Star Trek movies.) Anyway, we went for a bike ride in the beautiful early morning yesterday and it was lovely. Here’s hoping the weather holds for a couple of months so we can keep riding together.
  • I am again the leader of the graduate materials society here in the department, which means I get to coordinate everything until my new staff gets going. Also, it’s our research group’s turn to sponsor the Friday Happy Hour. Thus, I have been busy buying snacks and drinks for 50 people, orchestrating a home-cooked lunch for a similar number, and trying to get new officers elected. Whew.
  • Some friends are going camping with Ken and I for the long weekend at a state park. The weather, for only the 2nd time this summer, promises to be NOT RAINING over the weekend. I’m not sure what we’ll do for three days at what sounds like one of the most boring state parks ever, but hopefully it will be fun. I’m bringing Risk, SkipBo, a deck of cards, five books, and my knitting project. This girl is NEVER bored. I also have to drive to church on Sunday, so that’ll take some time.
  • I’m contemplating buying a bicycle trainer. I have this big room in my new house that’s mostly empty, so I figure I need either a trainer or a grand piano. A trainer’s cheaper, if not quite as fun or classy. Also, when I jet outta Cleveland as fast as I can, it’ll be easier to transport or sell.
  • Speaking of the new house, if I’m ever home and not watching Star Trek or cleaning up dark hair in the bathroom from the two shedding cretins who call themselves my roommates and are unable to replace empty toilet paper rolls, I will get some curtains and decorations put up, get rid of all the garage sale stuff that didn’t sell, clean up my room, and take some pictures of the place. Doesn’t seem likely it’ll ever happen, huh?

Have a great weekend!


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