Out Run Ovarian Cancer 2009

This morning I biked downtown (in the rain!) to take part in a race benefiting Ovarian Cancer research. My friend Bill from church was going to run it and let me know about it a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I ran with him for about the first three quarters of a mile, then took off. My first mile was 9:40, which was about what I was expecting. The second mile was at 17:20 something and I thought I must have heard wrong, because I haven’t run a sub 8 minute mile in years! I crossed the finish line at 26:14. That means I did the last 2.13 miles at a 7:45ish pace.

Who is this woman?

My previous best 5K time was from back in 2000 at the very first 5K I ever ran. This was back when I was a high school swimmer, aged 15, and weighed 25 pounds less. (Golly gee, I sound like an old geezer.) According to my newspaper cutting (yes, I still have it) my time was 26:19.

That’s right, I PRd today with a bum foot, hanging back the first mile, and not running for 2 weeks. Yeah!


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