Working out + eating = my life.

I thought I posted this last night, but apparently I didn’t. Bullet points!

  • I ran 10 kilometers Tuesday morning for the first time in my life. It wasn’t too bad after the first about 3 and a half miles when I thought I would surely collapse with exhaustion before completing 6+ miles. Now that I think about it, those first 3.5 miles were mostly uphill, so maybe it will be less painful if the course is flat.
  • I didn’t wear a watch while running, but I did look at the microwave clock before I left and when I got back. According to my estimates, I was running a 10:40ish mile. I would have believed slightly under 10 minutes, but not THAT slow! I’m hoping I mis-calculated somehow there.
  • Tuesday evening it wasn’t too hot, nobody was home, and I wanted to bake. So I did! Sorta… If making granola and applesauce cake (with a yellow cake mix) counts as baking. It was very satisfying.
  • I feel awkward admitting to the internet that I make my own granola. Isn’t that for “crunchy” types who only eat organic vegetables, think dairy products are of the devil, believe modern medical science is EVEN WORSE THAN DAIRY, and use natural cleaning products? Oh dang, I use vinegar to clean like everything too… What can I say? I can spend $6 on half a pound of granola at the store, or I can pick up some oatmeal, and use the honey, oil, and salt that I already have and spend 10 minutes making a 2 week supply.
  • My apologies if I’ve offended any crunchy types. It doesn’t bother me if you want to live that way and way to go for acting on your convictions. Just don’t ever take away my dairy products. Cows are my friends.

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