Thoughts on VBS

Vacation bible school is OVER! It was fun. It was a lot of work. It was frustrating. It was encouraging. I loved some of my students. I may not have loved some of my students quite so much.


What follows is probably boring, but it’s what I’m thinking about, and I blog about what I am thinking. So, I apologize and please forgive me.

Everything went so well, I was amazed. If I do the song and dance of coordinating the opening and closing assembly again I will be sure to have a firm list of what is happening when, and which songs we’re singing each day. I will have a technology director person whose only job is to run the laptop and projector and make sure the next song is ready to go. This will keep the 3-5 year olds from dissolving into a chaotic disaster every three minutes by not having any breaks in the entertainment. It might also have helped if we had fewer 3-5 year olds in one class (10 and 9 of them were boys!).

If I’m teaching 1st-4th graders again, I will be sure to get there early to organize their materials so all they have to do is sit down and I don’t have to leave the room to grab something I’ve forgotten. An assistant would be highly helpful in this regard. Also, it’s really hard to work with the range of reading levels in the range between 1-4th grade. Somehow that has got to be broken up so that the expert readers don’t get ahead and start yelling and the beginning readers don’t get behind and start whining. Again, an assistant would have been invaluable. Finally, I need to keep a written record of who gets to hold the flag (and lead us to our next destination) when. A clipboard with our schedule and that record attached would be a good thing to have.

My final thought is for the overall schedule. It would have been beneficial for my class to have two occasions to work on memory work. The game time outside should come between the parts where they have to sit and pay attention because they can only last about 45 minutes before they start going stir crazy.


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