Adventures in North Carolina

My long weekend at my Dad’s family reunion was quite delightful. It was only dreadfully humid and hot on Thursday night and Friday and the rest of the time it was quite bearable, which was fantastic as few of the vehicles and even fewer of the tents and houses we were sleeping in had functioning air conditioning. Swimming in the ocean was just as exciting as I remember it being. The day before I got there they closed the beach because a shark was swimming around one of my sisters. Apparently she never saw it and it didn’t take a bite out of her. I can’t say I blame the thing; she’s mostly bones. While I was swimming I saw a ray of some sort riding the crest of a wave right past me. It was cool, but kinda scary too. I got badly sunburned and am absolutely covered (I have well over 100) in bites/stings of some sort from my neck down. My current theory is that they’re from whatever was in the water stinging me or swimmer’s itch, because the (many) mosquito bites I knew I had are completely gone by now, I was in the water from the neck down for the majority of the time, and I have them on my belly which I don’t tend to let hang out for the mosquitoes to munch upon, but which was definitely exposed to a lot of sand and water in my swimsuit with the rough waves. Anyway, I itch. A lot.

Hanging out with the family and meeting my new uncle Peter and cousin Caleb was pretty fun, and surprisingly enough, unpleasantness was lacking for the most part. Maybe everybody has mellowed out and learned to get along in their old age? I did miss seeing my other cousins and aunt and uncle who elected not to come because some of them are spending the summer in Colorado, but I really ought to go visit them on my own sometime. It’s really not that far to where they live from Cleveland.

I haven’t looked at the pictures I took yet but I think they’re mostly of people, and thus not particularly interesting to the general public.

And that was my weekend. I hope yours was just as exciting and less rash inducing.


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