Findley Lake = death to tubes

The weather this weekend was pretty much delightful for camping. The air was a bit damp for this native desert dweller, but at least it didn’t ever get hot. Do people ever get used to humidity? Is there anybody who enjoys it? I’m genuinely curious.

Unfortunately, the short thunderstorm that kept me from swimming on Thursday hit the state park where we were camping much harder and with vast amounts of rain, so our attempt at mountain biking on Saturday introduced me to more thick, gooey mud than I have ever seen before. It was a bit disastrous, but I was definitely enjoying my new bike and trying not to fall off and impale myself upon a tree until… I rode up to Ken who had stopped to let me catch up, and he said,
“What’s that hissing noise?”

My rear tire was flat within a minute. I had tire levers and a new tube along, but hadn’t been able to find my tiny little pump, so we couldn’t replace it. We tromped about 3 miles through the thick and gooey mud back to camp pushing our bikes in our not-meant-for-hiking shoes.

At that point we determined that the tire couldn’t be fixed with the tools and parts we had with us, so we declared defeat and went in to town to Dairy Queen to share a blizzard. Since we had spent over an hour in the morning trying to fix Ken’s new bike cleats so they would snap into his pedals, it was pretty late afternoon by then and we decided to skip canoeing and just explore the woods behind our camp site for firewood and cook a roast, potatoes, and corn on the cob on the fire. That turned out to be an excellent decision several hours later when we pulled everything out of the fire and were rewarded with a delicious dinner.

New theory: Every time I go to Findley Lake I get a flat tire. As far as I can remember, I have only gotten two flats since I got my bikes. One last summer at the triathlon AT FINDLEY LAKE and one this weekend AT FINDLEY LAKE. Perhaps I shouldn’t do the triathlon in August there.

I’ve been informed of a somewhat surprise (surprise as in the possibility was discussed last Thursday, but I thought it wasn’t happening because I hadn’t heard that it was as of this morning) trip to Wright Patterson AFB tonight/tomorrow, so I’ve gotta get ready for that. Hopefully we aren’t busy all day down there so the other student and I can sneak off to the Air Force museum there for a while. I hear it’s pretty cool.


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