I’m not as slow as I thought!

Last weekend, we’ll call it Sunday afternoon, June 14th, I swam 1500 meters timed, which I believe is generally understood to be a mile. It took me about 25 minutes to swim it. Assuming I didn’t miscount and skip any laps, this correlates to around 8:20 500s. I used to swim 500s in high school. It was my race, not because I was particularly good at it but because everybody else hated it. I think my best time ever was somewhere around 6:40 (which is pathetically slow for a swimmer). So I’m fairly pleased with 8:20 500s when I’m swimming 3x as far. I believe that the swim distance for my international length triathlon in August is 1500m. Open water swimming will be a bit slower, but I should also get faster in the next two months, so would it be a bad idea to hope for a 25 minute swim split? Hmm. Just looked at the times from this same triathlon last year, and the fastest was nearly 28 minutes (and that particular person biked at an average speed of 24 mph and ran miles at 7:32… Way out of my league). So… perhaps I should aim for around 30?
Also, last week I ran two of my runs (32 and 44 minutes) at paces faster than 10 minutes/mile, and the longest run of my life to date (58 minutes) at about 10:20. That isn’t a huge accomplishment in absolute running speed, but for me and my stupid joints it’s a welcome improvement!

This week is a “rest” week where I just do short workouts, even though I don’t feel like I need it… I guess better safe than sorry. I’m going to try doing all my runs indoors on the elliptical machine and maybe my hip will stop being painful. It worked in January and February, so it can work again.


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