Do I qualify?

My big exam is tomorrow. I can’t think of much to say about it except that I am ready for it to be over. It will be delightful to have time for great things like washing dishes, vacuuming cat hair, dealing with all my pictures from Europe, fixing my bikes, running, swimming, biking, planning for VBS, and doing laundry without feeling guilty that I should probably be studying.

I feel that I stand a good chance of passing, but the horrible thought of failure is not nearly as bad as the idea that I’ll have to waste another month of my life on studying again in January.

I’m taking it pretty easy today – if I don’t know it by now I’m probably not going to. I went to my friend’s thesis defense this morning, as well as looked up a few things on the internet I was unable to find in my textbooks. I’m going to head home now and memorize a few more equations, take a quick look over popular questions that have appeared on past qualifiers, review stress states, get groceries, and go for a run. Those activities should get me to bedtime, at which point I will immediately fall into a deep and refreshing sleep and wake up full of intellectual energy at 7:30 tomorrow morning!

I’m very grateful that God has given me the opportunity to even be taking this test. He made me a mastermind (heh) and put me in a middle class family in Eastern Washington instead of somewhere in Indonesia in poverty. I’ve been given this opportunity for an education for a reason, and I am interested to find out what is in store for the rest of my life.

Regardless of what the rest of my life may or may not hold, it is now time for lunch. Easter ham leftovers pea soup that had to come out of the freezer because it is so full is on the menu. Mmmm.


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