No work weekend

Last weekend was the first in a looong time that I had absolutely nothing school related to do. No homework to grade, no new homework to make, no homework to do, no thesis to write. It was heavenly and I triumphant in many ways.

Triumph number one: I finally got up enough courage/desperation to go jeans shopping. I’ve been meaning to go for months and never wanted to because clothes seem like such worthless items on which to spend money. My first stop was Walmart, where I picked up such exciting items as kitty litter and shampoo and checked out the jeans selection. They were all $20 each. As I mentioned, I hate spending money on clothes, so I decided to brave a few extra miles of traffic to get to the Salvation Army store. There I purchased 3 pairs of jeans, a short sleeve button up shirt, and a zippered jacket thing for $21.50. That’s 5 high quality items for the price of one questionable quality item. Score.

Second triumph: I ran to Ken’s apartment in a mere 15 minutes. It is just under 2 miles, giving me my fastest average mile time in years: 7:51. Perhaps I can surpass my fastest mile ever of 7:16? It’s taken me three months to see this improvement in my speed. Hopefully it won’t take me three more months to be able to do an 8 minute/mile pace for longer than 2 miles.

Third triumph: I was accepted into membership of my church via transfer. Took me long enough! I’m excited to be an official part of the church here.

Fourth triumph: I managed to not butcher the prelude I’d been practicing, I remembered to play the amens at the end of each hymn (It was our first Sunday with the new hymnals, and they don’t have it written in), and I played all of them in the proper key.

Fifth triumph: I successfully made a bunch of food and had a couple of friends over for dinner and games on Sunday. Everything actually turned out just like I wanted it, and was highly delicious.

Sixth triumph: Even with all these other things going on, I managed to get my apartment cleaner than it’s been in ages and take my cats out to experience the great outdoors. It kinda freaked them out. Ken was super embarrassed to be out with a cat on a leash.


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