Where to go?

Now that I’m done with the nonsense which is my thesis, I can get back on track with my Lisa’s guide to touring the continent posts.

The first thing to decide is where you want to go. Perhaps you go with the cheapest flight (probably to London), or to the place you’ve always wanted to see, or to visit a friend, or to go to practice your high school language.

I am traveling with my sister who has been living in Spain since the beginning of the year and she has a friend (who I know from a few camping and skiing trips) who is in Denmark for the semester. This means free lodging in Copenhagen and Barcelona, so our trip is centered around those locations. She has to fly up to Copenhagen from Barcelona and while looking at flights for both of us back from Denmark to Barcelona, she found that flying to London, then from there to Barcelona was about the same price as a direct flight. This gave us the option of a couple of days in London.

The decision about where we’re traveling was made on the basis of money. Free lodging in two locations and the ability to get to a third at basically no extra cost is the backbone for our trip. I think if I go to Europe again, I will either be moving there for a year (for a post doc or something), or going on a pure, throwing caution and money to the wind vacation. In the second case, it’ll be a little more difficult to decide where to go, but I can assure you that it’ll either be winter and I’ll head towards skiing or it’ll be summer and I’ll head to Greece/Italy to see old stuff and beaches.

In all cases, remember that flights within Europe are much cheaper than flights within the US. So, if you can get a really good deal for a round trip flight to London, but you really wanted to go to Rome, it may be best to fly to Rome via London. More about that in the next installment: Finding a flight.


2 Responses to “Where to go?”

  1. 1 freelanceallison April 8, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    Eurorail is a good option too if you’re going on shorter trips (like within Italy, etc) … It’s a nice way to get a good view of the country too as you travel around on train

  2. 2 coldwork April 9, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Good point! I looked into taking trains around, but for the limited amount of time I had, it wasn’t really worth it. If I go back I’ll definitely be looking further into this.

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