Give me money!

Life apparently continues around me as I am buried in the complex issues of whether grease’s viscosity decreases or increases under tensile hydrostatic pressure and why, oh why won’t LaTeX just put the stinkin’ bibliography at the end of each chapter?

Since time stubbornly continues to move along, there is now less than a month until I am participating in a very exciting event which requires that I beg money from people. I’m doing Relay for Life for the first time! As you can see from our team webpage, we currently have 4 members which means that each of us will be walking around the track for 4.5 hours… I’m just hoping I don’t draw the 2 – 6:30 AM part…

Backing up a bit, Relay for Life is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. People walk around the a track for 18 hours, starting at 6 PM on April 17th and get donations to support cancer reserach. I think that because it’s a school Relay, we may be only walking for 12 or 14 hours (we’re lazy?), but still, it promises to be a fun time. One member has already declared we’re going to be grilling food all night long. I guess we’ll eat a burger, then take a few laps to burn it off. Perhaps we don’t need more people to share in the walking after all…

We hope to convince a few more of our department members to join us in our quest, but at this point we each need to raise $250 to meet our goal of $1000 total. You’ll notice that Brian has nefariously (at this writing) already raised $500! That’s either a challenge or he’s already raised all my money and I can sit back and relax… Um, anyway, any amount you might desire to donate would be helpful. Seriously. Donating $10 will double the current size (at this writing) of my contribution so far. Which looks really lame next to Brian’s. I HATE to look lame. I HATE TO LOSE.

This is all about the competition. I think we’ll probably be racing each other around the track too. They’re all going DOWN.

Give me money. Make me win.


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