Getting a passport part 1: Taking pictures

This is post #2 in the travel series.

I was going to be a genius and take pictures myself for my passport. I have a digital camera, a white wall, am fairly proficient with GIMP for sizing purposes, and there is a Walgreens just down the street where I can get pictures printed.

Attempt 1: Ken also needed a passport-type photo for his Engineer in Training exam, or whatever it is they call it here in Ohio. Thus, we took each others pictures and used Walgreens’ online photo cropper thingymambobber to select the area of the picture to be printed in 4 wallet sized pictures. Ken’s turned out fine, or at least good enough for his purposes, but my head was too big in my pictures. It had been kind of a rush job with no time for careful sizing, so I figured better luck next time.

Attempt 2: I fiddled with the size of my pictures till they were cropped to the right size as specified by This Site. I again used the online service to have my newly edited photos printed at Walgreens. About 20 minutes later I went to pick them up, and found an absolutely lovely re-print of the previous order of photos from Attempt 1 awaiting me. After a conversation with the manager, in which he stated that the pictures I had were certainly what I had submitted that morning and I told him their system had made a mistake, he agreed to refund me for them. At this point I was left with the dilemma of trying again through Walgreens and risking the same glitch, or using Snapfish and getting them a few days later. I decided to use Snapfish, since it was already early Saturday afternoon and the Post Office closed (so I thought) at 3:00 anyway.

Attempt 3: I made my Snapfish order, and got my pictures in the mail a few days later. My head fit exactly at the 1″ mark on the picture, and I was extremely satisfied with myself. All that was left was to go to the post office and apply.

To be continued…


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