Lisa’s guide to touring the Continent

I’ve just thought of a new topic to write about! It’s not like my daily adventures as a bumbling grad student don’t provide me with enough things to rant and rave about, but this is a topic which will possibly be useful to people, help me out in the long run, and give me a bit of rest from typing a thesis. Everyone needs that.

Introducing: Planning and execution of a trip to Europe.

My sister, Lauren is in Barcelona for the semester and I’m planning to head over to bum about Europe for a few weeks with her when we’re both done with the semester. So far I am in the first stages of planning the trip.

Possible posts will be on the subjects of:
Acquiring a passport
Finding flights
How to access your great stores of money while in Europe
Figuring out what to do once you’ve spent the money to cross the ocean
Places to stay
Things to see

Basically I’ll write about whatever I have to do to plan this trip and what I would change for next time. It’ll be a good reference for next time I go on an international vacation.


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