Detroit auto show

A couple of weekends ago Ken, Stephen, two of Ken’s friends from the Formula SAE team, and I headed up to Detroit to see the Auto Show. It was pretty sweet. And now… I want to buy a car more than ever.

Bad Lisa. You don’t really want to pay for insurance and parts and all that. I’d probably save a small fortune in gas though. (When I filled up last night I figured out that the BMW got slightly over 12 mpg on the last tank. In all fairness, it hasn’t been running well and it doesn’t like it’s cold. It’s having spark plug/distributor/demon issues.)

Anyway, my favorite cars were probably the Lotuses, which I don’t recall seeing last year. The coolest car of the show was the dodge… EV? I can’t remember. This thing. I was also looking at different cars I might buy. Every car maker is now making the little hatchback which I think would be the practical car for me should I decide I need a car.

Now, obviously they don’t let you test drive any of the cars or anything, but my favorite hatchback to sit in was… a Volvo. How weird is that? It was a sweet little car though. My second favorite, was, of course, the Mazda 3, which was about tied with the Subaru WRX hatchback. After that I think it was the Saab 93.

Excepting the Volvo, my tastes clearly lean towards the moderately priced cars which are known for rallying… Hmmm… Unfortunately, if I did need a car, what I would want is a 5-10 year old car which is just like the ones they’re making now. The only problem is that only Saab and Subaru made them 5-10 years ago. That kinda limits my options. Subarus don’t depreciate in value enough for me to really find a car in my price range that’s in good shape, and Saabs depreciate in value SO much that it makes me wonder if they are complete garbage. What a dilemma. Perhaps i should just get the RX-7 that I’ve always wanted.

More pictures from Detroit are here.


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