What ought I to do?

It started snowing last night around 6 and stopped about an hour ago. That’s 23 hours of snow. In those 23 hours we appear to have gotten about 12 inches of snow. Cleveland apparently can’t deal with a half inch of snow per hour. This morning I dutifully dragged my bike out of the basement and set out for school. I should have left it home. I ended up pushing it most of the 2.5 miles, which is a surprisingly good workout.

They finally closed the school at 3 this afternoon, which neatly got me out of my office hours, but left me with the dilemma of how to get home, since I was sorta planning on taking the evening shuttle if the roads were still unbikeable. The evening shuttle doesn’t run if campus is closed. Bother. So now I need to figure out how to get home. Do I walk? Do I try to ride and end up pushing my bike UP the hill this time if the roads are still bad? Normally my “longtime friend Ken” (What’s up with that, family?!) would give me a ride home in inclement weather, but his driveway is currently covered in that foot of snow and his car’s not going anywhere.


The snow is great though. I just wish I had some cross country skis. Then all my problems would be solved.


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