I broke myself again.

On Monday I decided to venture out into the warm (17 F vs the previous -30F) climate to attempt running outside for the first time since being in Colorado. I may have mentioned that I contracted the absolute worst cold of my entire 24 years on the plane to Denver. Well, it was still hanging on about a week and a half ago and I was to that stage of a cold where the feeling miserable has gone away, and all that’s left is a lot of snot and incessant coughing.

You know how you hear about old people breaking ribs from coughing? Well, I don’t think I broke a rib, but I did strain/sprain/stress/break a muscle just under my bottom rib. As a result, I have had a sort of permanent stitch in my side since. The elliptical machine and cycling didn’t bother it, so I thought nothing of going out for a run. That was a bad idea. I got about a quarter of a mile down the road, and it went pop and the pain went from a slight nuisance every time I used my right foot to horrible pain ALL THE TIME. I managed to limp back to my apartment and sit on the couch, but that was about it. Standing, sitting, bending, and especially any twisting were pretty much impossible. Ibuprofen saved my life yet again and I was eventually able to sit or stand ok. When Ken came over, I still had to have him help me put away dishes, hold the dust pan, and get me mopping water. What a pain!

That was three days ago. Now I’m back to the annoying stitch in my side. The problem is… I want to go running. I have 15 miles of running to finish before the end of January if I’m to get in a marathon. That’s a lot. There’s not a lot of January left. When am I going to stop hurting myself and be able to run properly??


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