Complaininating the countryside

Gah! The computer program which is running the rheometer I’m currently using is acting WEIRD. Very weird. Perhaps it’s because it’s in the Macromolecular Science building and owned by a professor in the Macromolecular Science Department. Anything with a name like Macromolecular Science which could be more simply called Polymer Science or That-Which-Lisa-Detests-Probably-Mostly-Because-Of-Dastardly-Old-Dr.-Johns Science has got to be a pretentious bit o’ bad news.

The good thing about it is that it’s at least semi-warm in this building. I do not possess the proper clothes for biking in sub-zero weather. This was made painfully obvious to me this morning as I just about froze to death on the measly half mile ride from Ken’s apartment to school. I had taken his car to Bible study then home last night. I’m SO glad I had it. There’s no way I would have lived through 2.4 miles of biking. I’m dreading the thought of heading back home. I think I’ll just stay here, hanging out in a Macro lab cursing the rheometer until it warms up to at least 5 degrees.

Ooh, results finally. Why the heck would grease heated to 100 C be MORE viscous than grease at a 23 C?! This machine is possessed.


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