Failed ski trip

Ken, his friend, and I were planning on going out to somewhere in NY to do a day of skiing yesterday. I was super excited not only because I was going to get to ski, but because I’ve never been to NY! A new state! However, it had started snowing Friday afternoon, and at the time Jon came to pick me up from my apartment at around 8, it was still snowing. Hard. We, being intrepid adventurers, weren’t going to let 6 inches of snow get in our way. We headed out on the road to the freeway and almost immediately witnessed a pretty bad accident about 6 cars in front of us. A truck going the opposite direction started to slide, spun into our lane, and got smashed head-on by a Hummer. Both were probably going 30-35, so it was fairly serious. Incredibly, all six of the cars in front of us just crept around the accident without stopping to see if they needed any help. Who DOES that? That wasn’t just a little fender bender. Anyway, we stopped and called 911 for them, since the two guys in the truck weren’t really moving and seemed out of it. We waited around until the fire department showed up, then headed on, somewhat sobered at the thought of the 110 miles ahead of us through a snow storm and the fact that it was now almost 9, an hour an a half later than we had planned to leave. However, we had high hopes that the highway would be in better shape than the city streets.

No such luck. It was actually in worse shape than the city streets. We pressed on at about 35-40 mph for 3 miles, only to find that the highway was actually blocked off by a couple of police cars with no explanation of whether the road was closed temporarily for an accident or for the next few hours because of weather. All the while, crazy people were blowing by us, tail-gating, driving really slow, or just generally being stupid and accident-causing. We decided that it would be too late to get any skiing done once we got there (although the snow sure would have been great! They must have gotten about 2 feet of new snow in the past two days), that we couldn’t get there anyway because the road was closed, and that even if those weren’t problems, we would certainly be killed by someone who didn’t know anything about driving in the snow. So, we turned around. The 15 or so miles that we went, including stopping for the accident, took us an hour and a half.

We spent the day doing laundry, playing games, and eating, so it wasn’t a complete loss. We also witnessed a very weird coincidence which will have to wait for another post…


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  1. 1 mom January 12, 2009 at 6:25 am

    I talked to my “engineer” cousin that lives in New York this week. She called by mistake – thought she was calling Leenheers but had my number. Anyway, I told her about you and she would love to have you look them up if you ever go to New York. Maybe you could stay with them and go skiing. They have a windshield crushing business and make goat cheese – I’d love to visit them sometime.

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