Time to go

I leave for vacation tomorrow morning at 6:20 AM. Yay!

I had a nice final run of my 26 and some miles yesterday, although I didn’t appreciate the few people who found it necessary to polish the sidewalk in front of their houses to a nice slick finish. I never did completely fall though, so that’s good. There’s no easy way to check your total miles in Plus 3 network, so I’m just gonna hope I recorded all the miles correctly and have enough. Same with biking. It would be a shame if I didn’t, but currently I just don’t care that much. I had to walk three quarters of a mile through a -6 F windchill just to get to the library to post this, and I only have till 60% of my pathetic laptop battery gives up the ghost to finish my internet business. Therefore, I have elected not to care.

Last night I watched The Christmas Story with some friends from church. It was pretty fun to see the familiar places in Cleveland and it was an enjoyable movie. We also had asparagus for dinner. MMMM. Asparagus in winter. How does that happen? It’s like magic.

Time to re-brave the -6 degrees and go home to do dishes, vacuum, clean the bathroom, and pack. I wouldn’t want the cats to have to suffer a dirty apartment while I’m gone.

Be back in two weeks!


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