Christmas is almost here, Christmas is almost here

And I’m totally ready! Well, not quite. I’ve decided to send out some Christmas cards since I won’t be going home to see my friends, so some of them are awaiting addresses. I need: one more gift, to make up some food items fir church people gifts, and to pack for my trip. I put up my hugely long string of lights and it looks pretty terrible where I put it, but I’m far to lazy to move it when I’ve only got like five days to look at it before I leave.

Ken leaves for vacation on Thursday, I work till Friday, some friends from church have invited me over on Saturday to watch A Christmas Story and participate in their massive baking of banana bread. On Sunday I play piano for church and there’s a potluck, then Monday I leave my kitties and head to Colorado. Yikes!

Hopefully the cats will avoid killing each other or completely destroying my apartment while I’m gone. Someone’s going to come take care of them every day, but I’m afraid I may come back to a bit of a disaster. Guess I should spend at least a few minutes before I leave cat-proofing the place.


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