Canadian Brass

I had the fantastic opportunity to go to a Canadian Brass concert last night. It was great! They are excellent musicians and fun too! Ken and I both agreed that it was definitely the very best concert we had ever been to. I will definitely go again if they come back next year!

Other than that I pretty much accomplished nothing this weekend besides getting groceries, cooking, eating, washing a few dishes, doing some laundry, and going to church. I did buy 1 birthday present for my sister. Hopefully she’ll like it and hopefully it’ll get delivered to me before I leave. Hopefully she’ll read this and at least pretend she likes it and it’s her favorite thing ever and oh my, she can’t imagine how she ever lived without it, because otherwise I will be sad.

As today is a “reading day” for school, Ken naturally bought three big chunks of beef and is BBQing them all day. I think the temperature right now is 24 degrees. He’s inviting a few friends over tonight and we’re going to do some good ol’ fashioned stuffing ourselves with Texas BBQ while huddled around the heater vent… I don’t think they do that in Texas. Supposedly one of the guys is going to buy two of the three chunks of beef to freeze and eat later. Said guy doesn’t cook, so I guess it works out well for him.


1 Response to “Canadian Brass”

  1. 1 Bethany December 10, 2008 at 4:59 am

    Ahh JEALOUS!!
    I wanna see Canadian Brass!!

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