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So, Bekah thinks the leaves in my header are unacceptable.  Can’t say I blame her, after all the raking I’m sure she’s done over the past several weeks.  Happily for her, I have a new header ready to go sometime in the near future.  I love GIMP.  Download it if you dare.  I use it all the time for work.  It’s basically free Photoshop.  I actually use quite a few free programs. is another image editing program I used to use a lot more before I got GIMP.  I think it’s a bit easier than GIMP to use if you need to make your own image rather than edit another image.

ImageJ I use for work to analyze micrographs.  It’s more involved with image analysis than any editing.

JabRef is the most convenient organizer of references for bibliographies I’ve ever worked with.  It’s much less… bulky than EndNote or ProCite and while it’s best used for exporting to LaTeX, there’s a plugin for Word which works about as well as the EndNote one does, although I haven’t been able to find a good plugin for Word 2007.  Needless to say, JabRef works like a dream with LaTeX.

And last, but not least, the LaTeX editor I use is TeXnicCenter.  It’s been perfect for a beginning LaTeX user like myself.  I think a more experienced user would find some slightly simpler program useful, but it’s made it easy to learn.


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  1. 1 The Seattlite December 2, 2008 at 12:00 am

    I’m so excited to see you in Colorado. Oh and by the way the little pouch thing you gave me is excellent especially with my keys pinned on. I finally got to go home! Yay for Thanksgiving. My roommate came with me too. And Sunday i played at the Sacred Sounds of Christmas concert. It was intense! It really is impressive when you get to play along with an organ, 4 choirs, and orchestra and the whole audience singing too. I felt famous for playing in Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. See you soonishly!!

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