I’m thankful for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is over.  What a shame.  Good thing I cooked at 18 lb turkey for 4 people and now have about 9 pounds of turkey leftovers!

Yesterday was the first clear sunny day in weeks here.  It was just below freezing in the morning and perfect weather for my first 5 mile run.  My hip held up beautifully and I had a blast running.  I did the first three miles slowly with a ridiculously short stride.  I figured if I could deal with pretty much anything for the last two miles, so when I was feeling good after three I sped up to my normal stride length and pace.   At the first mile the time was 11:26 or something.  At mile 3 I was at 30:20, and I crossed the finish line at 49:50ish.  I felt like I could definitely have kept going a few more miles too, so that’s good.

The only problem with the whole experience was that I found THE most expensive parking spot on the face of the earth ($11 for over an hour!) and then to top it off, got stuck in the parking garage because the gate was apparently broken.  A whole bunch of us runners were sitting there for about 25 minutes before they figured out how to let us out.

My experiment with brining the turkey came off splendidly.  I actually brined the turkey in my (cleaned out) garbage can.  I left it in the trunk of Ken’s car overnight to keep it cool, because there was no way it would fit in my fridge.  Luckily the couple who came over for dinner weren’t put off by the idea of garbage can-car trunk turkey.

I had two little glitches in my Thanksgiving-cooking routine.  First, I made corn bread and chopped up it and regular bread on Tuesday evening so it could dry an be ready for stuffing on Thursday.  When I got up Tuesday morning it wasn’t very dry, so I popped it in the oven and set it to 300 to give it a little heat before I left for work.  Unfortunately, it got more than a little heat when I left the oven on ALL day…  When I got home there was nothing left but blackened crumbs.  At least the place wasn’t full of smoke!  So… I had to re-make the corn bread and use part of a bag of stuffing bread I had bought.    The second glitch was that the turkey took about an hour and a half longer to get done than I was expecting.  So guests arrived and everything was ready, but we had to hang out and play a few rounds of Phase 10 before we could eat.   Ah well, it was delicious once it was done.


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