Entry for November 20, 2008

Welcome to the latest episode of Lisa’s misadventures in cycling.

Last night I was very slowly biking back from my jazz concert. The reason for the very slow pace was that Ken hadn’t ridden his bike and refused to run so that I could bike at a decent pace. Doesn’t he ever think of anyone but himself?? It was going fairly well until we came to an intersection. We were on the sidewalk of a road that made a T with another road and were about to cross over the support of the T to continue up the road it made a T with. Make sense? I didn’t think so. A car pulled up to the stop on our road as we approached the corner and I slowed down even more so I wouldn’t have to stop and pull my feet out of the toe clips to wait for the vehicle to turn right. The car did turn right, and I turned towards the road to go across, but then there was another car wanting to turn right from the more main road onto the little road we were trying to cross, so I stopped and put my right foot down. The only problem was… Somehow I was not leaning towards the right side, so my foot never hit the ground, and I slowly toppled over to the left. Because my left foot was stuck in the toe clip, I couldn’t stop myself, and fell over with my bike on to the grass/mud/snow (about 3 inches below the sidewalk) and just kept falling until I was laying on the gutter drain in the street. Ouch. I hurt two of my more massive parts: My left thigh, crushed between the curb and the bike, and my pride. I also bruised the palm of my left hand, but it doesn’t look bad, it just hurts.

I fail.

If I remember, am motivated, and get over the stigma of posting a picture of my thigh on the internet, I might post a picture. It’s pretty impressively purple today.


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