Entry for November 19, 2008

  • I finished my robe, and it may just be the best thing I have ever sewn. It is so cozy and warm. Not to mention extremely styish… I’ll have to post a picture at some point. I believe that it will be the single most important factor in keeping my heating bill low.
  • Ken took the GRE yesterday and smoked the math section. He got one wrong. If we could combine our verbal and math scores then we would be a genius. Please explain to me how is it that I help him with his math class and he edits my papers if he is such a math genius and I am such a verbal genius?
  • It snowed on Sunday night for reals. There were a good two inches on the ground Monday morning. It has been snowing off and on since then, but it has also melted, so there is probably an inch on the ground now.
  • Last week I had the genius idea to use the elliptical machines at Veale to try to build up/maintain some stamina without hurting my hip. Shoulda thought of that about a week earlier… It works great, but yesterday I only made it about 1 mile on a treadmill before my hip was highly bothersome. I think maybe treadmills are much more painful than running outside, but I haven’t tested that yet. I should get a chance to run outside tomorrow, so hopefully the weather and my hip will cooperate for at least 4 miles. I’m sure I have the stamina for 5 miles, I just don’t know if I have the hip for it. I guess I can walk 5 miles next Thursday or switch to the 1 mile race.
  • I just found/downloaded 25 papers on nanoporous materials to get a background for my nanotechnology final project. Now I get to skim them all… Ugh. When I’ve finished that and come up with something coherant summarizing what I’ve learned for the group tomorrow, I get to do the same thing for my magnetic and dielectric materials paper which is due Tuesday. It also probably wouldn’t hurt to look at the new literature on metallic glass fracture since since I haven’t done a search since this summer.
  • Thanksgiving plans are coming together. Confirmed guests so far are Ken, the Redheds, and an 18 pound turkey. Unconfirmed guests are some international students. Should be a fun time. I think Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday, but that deserves its own post later.

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