Entry for October 10, 2008


I still exist. Cool, huh? Here’s a quick list of the notable things in my life from the past two weeks.

Last week I was at school or sleeping, and I ate occasionally. I worked for 60 hours. Ugh. It wasn’t cool.

Last weekend Ken and I went to Beaver Creek state park in PA. It was pretty nice, although I don’t think the mountain biking was that great. It’s a pretty park though. Especially with all the leaves starting to change colors.

On Sunday we packed up camp and headed to Pittsburgh to find IKEA. I had neglected to bring the nice directions we had printed off, so we just headed to Pittsburgh and hoped to be able to find it. We missed the entrance to the freeway I thought we needed to take, so we were going to pull into a parking lot to look at the map and turn around… And we saw the IKEA sign. It took us forever to actually find the IKEA because the area was really weird, but we got there about 2 minutes before it opened, which was perfect. I bought a couch, two end tables, a doormat, and a light for my plants. Once I get everything put together and a cover made for the couch I’ll have to take a picture of the living room. I should have taken a picture of the car with everything in it. We had all our camping gear, my stuff for the conference, all the stuff from IKEA, two bikes, and two people in that BMW. It was pretty amazing.

Qdoba’s tortilla soup is amazing.

Ken dropped me off at the Westin just in time for me to take a quick shower and go see Megan’s presentation about going to graduate school. She used me as an example and it was pretty funny.

As we were standing in line at registration Dr. Findley walked up! We were all excited to see him, and we ended up going out to dinner with him at this famous Pittsburghian place where they served sandwiches with french fries and cole slaw on them. That was fun, but the food was kinda weird.

The student mixer was loud as usual.

Monday Megan gave her silicon bead presentation and did a good job. I heard talks by her, Josh, and Dr. Michal, as well as some others.

That evening the Case MSE dept had a alumni dinner and paid. mmmm. It was a good time and I had chicken cordon blue… That’s not how it’s spelled. It was tasty though.

Tuesday I gave my presentation at 9 AM in a polymers session… It went really well, although I think I went overtime. The day before I had done it in 15 minutes, so don’t ask me where the extra 6 minutes came from. I was trying to go a little slower, but not THAT much slower! Anyway, I got good questions that I could answer, and a bunch of people came up to me afterwards and asked more questions. One guy from NanoSteel asked me when I was graduating, and I told him it would be a long time. He then told me that when I DID graduate, I should keep them in mind because they’re doing similar research and that they’d probably be interested in having me. How cool is that?! They’re in Idaho Falls, which may actually fit my criterion of having a Winco…

Tuesday afternoon was four presentations from our group in a row, and everybody did well. That night the group wanted to go out, but I wanted to study for my test and hang out with my Megan, so I didn’t go. It got to be around 8, and we decided we had better go out for dinner or places were going to close and we would starve. I wanted a quick hamburger and ice cream, so I looked online for a place within walking distance which would have that for between $10-25 (we were going to splurge). So I found one, and we walked there. Um… The $10-25 was highly inaccurate. It was definitely the most fancy restaraunt I’ve ever been to. Oops. They gave us napkins which matched our pants – black for slacks, white for jeans. Entrees were $35-75. They gave us four kinds of bread, all of which were amazing. We didn’t really want to spend the money, but we decided we might as well since we were there. I got dry aged sirloin and split a side of mashed potatoes with Megan. It was amazingly good. That was the first time I’ve had dry aged steak. I guess they do it themselves. It was highly tasty. But dinner ended up costing me $55 and I didn’t even get any ice cream! Oh well. Then they gave us a hot towel after we were done. It was pretty fun, but would have been more fun had I been planning an expensive meal.

Four years ago at my first MS&T I tried to talk to some of the steel guys, because I was interested in maybe working in the steel industry. They were not interested in talking to students and were kinda rude to me. This year every single steel company held receptions for students and was trying really really hard to get students to work for them. I guess they’ve realized that everyone who works for them is turning 59 next year and that they need to train a new workforce or they’ll be in big trouble. It’s just a complete turnaround.

I miss Megan. She needs to move to Cleveland.

Yesterday I had a test in Dielectric materials and did really poorly. and it wasn’t like the test was impossible. I just wasn’t properly prepared. I could have answered all the questions except one part of one correctly if I had studied better. Grr. I’m an idiot.

This is long. I’m planning on going camping and biking one more time this weekend with Jason and Ken. We’re planning on going back to West Branch tonight and staying until Sunday morning then heading to church. It should be our last biking/camping trip before it gets cold.


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