Entry for September 23, 2008

Yesterday I wacked myself in the bridge of the nose while playing racquetball. Stupid. It hurt, but not unbearably. It brought tears to my eyes because whenever I smash my nose my eyes water. Must be connected. Anyway, I didn’t think much of it at the time. But today it definitely feels bruised and it’s a bit swollen. I’m glad I didn’t hit that particular ball (and then my face) any harder and I’m glad that it’s not very swollen. I would be embarassed to explain that I hit myself in the face. Hopefully it won’t turn black and blue…

Last night I finally cleaned my bathroom. It’s only been forever since I did it last. I also did the dishes. I also attempted to help Ken with his homework (without a lot of luck). It was a fruitful night. Now if I can get the floors cleaned tonight, my apartment will be aproaching a state of cleanliness for the first time in about a month. Unfortunately I have seminar probably until 5:30, which means I won’t leave work until 6, which means I won’t finish running until 7, at which point Ken wants to go stop by the big sale at the grocery store. So… maybe there won’t be any cleaning tonight. Tomorrow is Ken’s birthday and jazz band, so I won’t get home before 11. Thursday I have class at 8:30 and inevitably stop by Ken’s for dinner afterward, so I won’t have time to clean then either! Perhaps on the weekend.


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