Entry for September 10, 2008

Names have been changed to protect me from the guilty parties in this story.

There once was a hardworking young graduate student named J. Dogz. He
often worked 12 hour days trying to do all the research expected of him
and keep up with his classes. More about that later. His adviser was
an intense, caffeine guzzling man named Professor Archangel. Professor
Archangel wasn’t a bad sort though. He was a good teacher and had a
wicked sense of humor. The final player our story is the old
professor with a blazing temper, Professor Wart German-Mower. His
classes were notoriously difficult to learn anything useful in and he
was in the habit of screaming at students during group meetings.

Now, our friend J. Dogz, as has been mentioned, was very hardworking.
Therefore, in addition to the one class he was taking for credit for his
degree (Breaking stuff), he was sitting in on two undergraduate classes
(Heat movement and wave bending) to learn the subjects without getting
any creditular benefit. Professor German-Mower was teaching a class
which pertained directly to J. Dogz’s thesis. However, Professor
Archangel had instructed J. Dogz NOT to take said class. It was
surmised that this order was given so that J. Dogz could concentrate on
research and not be subjected to an awful class. Unfortunately,
Professor Archangel had some health issues and ended up in the hospital
for a potentially long period of time.

Professor German-Mower cornered J. Dogz in the hall and confronted him
(rudely, I imagine) about why he wasn’t in Professor GM’s class. J. Dogz
indicated that he had been told not to take it. Professor GM said he
was going to the hospital to speak to Professor Archangel, and would
bring the matter up then. The report from this visit was that Professor
A. said the class would be too advanced for the intrepid J. Dogz so he
shouldn’t take it. Again, the lowly graduate students interpreted this
as a humanitarian effort on Professor A’s part to keep J. Dogz out of a
torturous and time-wasting class.

However, Professor GM, being the patriarch of the department, told J.
Dogz that he was wasting his time on the good class he was taking, that
he shouldn’t be sitting in on wave bending because he could learn
everything out of a book over the long Labor Day weekend, and that he
had better take Professor GM’s class if he ever wanted to graduate. So,
our poor J. Dogz has been kicked out of two of the most excellent
classes offered in the department and is taking GM’s class which his
adviser, Prof. A, expressly told him not to take.

I am SO grateful that God led me to my professor and my group, where
such shenanigans don’t happen.


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