Entry for August 19, 2008

Random things:

Last week I got two bites on my right thigh while biking to school. I assume they’re spider bites because they’re way too far up on my thigh to be mosquito bites. I keep my bikes in the basement where there’s probably quite a few spiders and there was probably one on my bike who took an excursion up my thigh. That certainly wouldn’t be my idea of a dream vacation. Maybe I tasted good though. The bites have finally started to look better today, so there’s no need to worry of me dying from some exotic spider bite. Not that I think there’s too many dangerous spiders in Ohio. Who knows though.

Mom and Ken will be here tomorrow at this time. My table is not going to be re-finished by that time. I hate sanding and always forget how bloody long it takes. Everything else should be done, with the possible exception of cleaning out Ken’s car. I think I’ve figured out how to do it, but it will take motivation on my part. Motivation is something that I am lacking in tonight.

The SEM was broken today and the two guys who know how to fix it were nowhere to be found. How annoying.

I bought maple flavored shredded wheat last night. I love it. I’ve always liked shredded wheat, and the maple flavoring makes them even more delicious than regular frosted ones. Mmm. Sugar.

I need to remember to bring bigger lunches on the days I’m planning to run. I do my planned exercise in the evenings. I can bike and swim after dinner on a full stomach with no problem, but if I have eaten pretty much anything within about an hour of running I feel horrible, so I like to run before dinner. This works out well if I’ve eaten enough lunch, but inevitably I’m starving. I can’t run while I’m starving any more than I can if I’m full.


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