Entry for August 15, 2008

I survived my long run! I didn’t run quite the full 45 minutes. I’d guess what with miscalculating how long it would take me to get back and waiting to cross roads I probably ran about 41-42 minutes. But I was pooped at the end, so I didn’t do the extra 3-4 minutes. Anyway, mapmyrun.com says I ran 4.16 miles, which is definitely a record length for me and fits well with my estimated 10 minute mile pace.

Can I just ask how people who run marathons manage to survive with feeling in their feet? Perhaps they don’t have feeling in their feet and that’s how they finish. All of me was tired at the end of the run, but my feet were actually in pain and feeling weird from all the pounding. Maybe I need better shoes? I just got these last fall though, I think, and I haven’t really run much since then. I got them at Big 5. Was it at Christmas break? Hmmm. If it was last summer, then I might actually need new shoes. Perhaps I will hit up Marshall’s. They seemed to have good deals on good shoes.


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