Entry for August 13, 2008

Now that I’ll be leaving to pick up Mom and Ken from the airport in a week, two and 3/4 hours it’s time to revisit that list of stuff that I need to get done.

Work extra (goal: 10 hrs) so I can take some time off. (6 hours extra completed)
Finish re-finishing my little table thingy.
Finish the binding on my quilt.
(Last night!!! Only took me a year and a quarter)
Install new spark plugs.
Vacuum Ken’s car. (Have to figure out either how to get power outside or car inside)
Make another concentrated effort to rid my cats of fleas. (Effort continues with every-other day vacuuming)
Acquire whatever I’m going to use to make my new chair sit-able.
Clean Ken’s apartment a bit if it needs it. (Definitely needed it. Still needs the last of the dishes done and the floor swept and mopped)
Clean my apartment and set up the inflatable guest bed.
Go to Lake Erie and swim open water (3X). (This is certainly not happening 3x. Maybe 1x if it doesn’t take me super long to clean this weekend)
Shuffle potted plants around, throw out dead ones, store dirt in basement for next year.

There is hope that I will finish all of this.


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