Entry for August 06, 2008

Racquetball is super fun!! I’m super awful at it!! David taught me for about an hour. We didn’t really play a game because it would have been pointless because I suck so much. I think I’ve finally figured out how to serve properly, and occasionally I hit the ball. I thought my right forearm would be super sore today, but it’s hardly noticeable. I am kinda sore in another spot… A more surprising spot. My butt muscles are sore. I guess it’s from all the lunging about to try to get at balls. Weird though.

Racquetball is definitely all about the sweat. I never felt like I was working that hard, but boy oh boy was I sweating. The goggles I got basically let no air in around my eyes, so there was no drying action. Also, yesterday was really high humidity and the racquetball courts have minimal air-flow through them. It’s always fun to actually feel sweat dripping down your face and back.

I think it was probably kinda dumb to play on what’s supposed to be a rest day for me, especially since I didn’t rest on my last rest day either… I’m toying with the idea of skipping my run today to make today a rest day. But… running is definitely where I need to most improvement, and I don’t feel tired.


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