Entry for August 02, 2008

I am so proud of myself. New spark plugs have been installed and the car no longer sounds like a diesel when it runs. Yay! Replacing the plugs was really easy once I got the right tools. I rode up to the auto parts store last night and got a deep socket for $4 (as opposed to the $19 they wanted to charge online). When I started working on the car this morning I found that the socket fit perfectly, but I sill needed an extension driver for the ratchet to fit. So, a 2 minute bike down to Ace and $5.50 got me what I needed. Sometimes I do appreciate living in town. After that it was fairly smooth sailing and I only squished two fingers. I think the whole process took about an hour including the trip to Ace. The old spark plugs were a huge mess. No wonder the car wasn’t happy! Perhaps I’ll take a picture and post it.

In other news, I won a giveaway from Kimberly at SheScribes! It’s really cool. I got a gift card to Whole Foods and 100 free photos from SnapFish. I was thinking yesterday that I should get some pictures printed. Good thing I didn’t! There’s a Whole Foods store about 3 miles from my apartment, but I’ve never been there because it gives off an air of being expensive and high class. And goodness knows I’m not high class. But now I get to try it out! Perhaps I’ll put on something besides my tie-died grease stained T-shirt which I usually wear on weekends before I go there so people won’t know I’m not high class.

It’s time to go check and make sure that the stupid little birds have finished completely devouring my poor tomato plants at Ken’s apartment. I seriously contemplated lurking about with Ken’s airsoft pistols to try and take them out, but it’s hot and I’ve got tons of stuff to do, so my tomatoes will probably just get eaten. I did try putting strips of aluminum foil to flap in the wind to try to scare the birds off.


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