Entry for August 01, 2008

VBS is OVER. Yay. Now I can get stuff done and stop using cookies as my main source of nourishment. And get those ridiculous ditties out of my head.

The spark plugs have arrived! Now I just need to get them installed. Rumor has it that I may need an extension socket to install them. I guess I’ll give it a try with the socket set I have, and if I need a new one I’ll bike up to the auto parts store and get one. Or maybe Ace or Walmart would have one. Either of those would be much more convenient.

I went for a run yesterday for 35 minutes. It might have been the longest I’ve ever run. It was miserable for the first 15 minutes, but the second 15 went pretty quickly. The last 5 were also bad because my feet hurt and I was running in the sun.

I then sat on the floor and my sweaty body was adoringly plastered with fur by my darling cats. They’re very helpful.

The plan for the weekend includes spark plugs, bike rides, church, and many projects that need to be completed before my parents and Ken arrive. That’s less than three weeks away.


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