Entry for July 24, 2008

Two things:

First, I signed up for classes. Sounds like the nanotechnology class consists of a lot of writing, working with other people, and giving presentations. Not your typical engineering class, in other words. I figure I need all the help writing I can get and I know pretty muchly nothing about nanotechnology. So, 6-8:30 Thursday nights I’ll be busy. What fun. (Sidenote: This whole lack of writing ability and dislike of writing might call into question the purpose of this blog-thing. This is probably a thought-provoking post for a later date.)

Second, I have been rejected as a chaperone for the ASM materials camp. How devastating. Haha. I was under the impression they were desperate for volunteers. Apparently I should have sounded more upbeat and personable in my email. Maybe shoulda sent them my CV. Gotten letters of recommendation from all past, present, and future employers… Maybe shouldn’t have told them I drive a car which is not mine and is likely to break down at any moment and thus leave me somewhere that I do not wish to be. Anyway, I’m on the “short list as an alternate.” Geez. A simple, “hey, we’ve got enough volunteers, thanks anyway, we’ll be in touch with you next year if we need help” would have sufficed. I got a full blown rejection letter. My psyche has been damaged. Again.


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