Entry for July 22, 2008

I was just looking at the calendar, and the summer is almost gone.
This week is nothing. (Except for game night Friday and supposedly going out for dinner with some departmental folks tomorrow.)
Next week is VBS. (Yay for hanging out with kids all morning, then having to work till all hours of the night…)
The next week is nothing.
The next week is the ASM camp.
The next week Mom, Dad, and Ken are coming.
The next week school starts.
The next week contains Labor Day, which we get off.
The next Saturday is my triathlon! That is the official end of summer in my mind.

A month and a day after that is my MS&T presentation. (Should I be nervous? I’m torn.)
Two weeks after that is the stupid fall break that we get in lieu of a full week off at Thanksgiving.
A month and a coupla days after that is Thanksgiving. (Would you believe I’ve already thought about who I’m inviting over for Thanksgiving dinner? I’m obsessed.)
20ish days later is the last day of finals.
Then a week later is Christmas and my birthday, when I will undoubtedly be somewhere with my family. (May I suggest Hawaii this time for REAL? If not, how about CO? Plane tickets there are significantly cheaper than home. Or home is always good. Wouldn’t want to miss the Cable Bridge Run again)


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