Entry for July 21, 2008

Work out summary for this week:
Bike 20 minutes and didn’t walk 30 minutes every day because I don’t walk when it’s over 83 and 60% humidity. I’m a wuss.

Sunday: Bike 55 min
Monday: Rest. My legs were ridiculously tired from biking and I cleaned for 2.5 hours.
Tuesday: Run 15 min, swim 30 min
Wednesday: Biked to Shaker Square, about 30 min
Thursday: Ran like 13 minutes and swam 30. It was not a good day for running.
Friday: Knee hurt too much to even bike home. Didn’t swim either cuz I was LAZY.
Saturday: Bike70 minutes, swam 15 minutes (open water)
Sunday: Ate a ton at church, watched Red Dwarf for hours on end and knitted. I am SO ready for the knitting portion of the triathlon. Not really. I still suck at knitting. There’s still too many needles for me.

On the schedule for this week:
I have the vague thought in my head of possibly adding 5 or 10 minutes to each of these. We shall see.

Monday: Run 15
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Bike 30
Thursday: Bike 25
Friday: Run 20
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Swim 25


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