Entry for July 17, 2008

It was ridiculously hot yesterday in my apartment. I think it only got up to like 85 outside, but it had to be above 95 inside. Today it’s already 85 degrees and it’ll probably get hotter. I think I’ll go home early to make sure the cats haven’t died of heat stroke. Our cats at home never had problems when it was 100+, but they had plenty of places to lay in the cool dirt in the shade or whatever. My cats have to content themselves with the tile floor, and even that felt warm on my feet last night.

I don’t find the heat to be particularly remarkable, but I was curious about the average temperature during the summer. Turns out it’s only 81 in July and like 78 in August. I think we’re due for some 70 degree weather to even things out. The hottest ever recorded temperature in Cleveland was 104. Huh. Guess it doesn’t often get to be over 100 then. This is a good thing, because then it would be like 115 in my apartment.

Mom and Dad have plane tickets now, so it’s set in stone! Hooray! Mom’s coming Wednesday, Dad’s coming Friday, they’re both leaving Monday afternoon/evening. That’s week 11 of my triathlon training and it’s the second longest week in terms of minutes spent. So I guess they get to swim, bike, and run with me!

I think I could have gone for the more rigorous sprint training for the triathlon. I think I might regret not doing it. I’m going to have no problem finishing with this program, but if I had done the more rigorous training I might have been competitive. We’ll see. The goal of this triathlon is to just try it out and have fun, so it’s probably best that I’m not killing myself with training. And I’m definitely having fun! I’m even enjoying running a teensy bit. Tonight I might not enjoy it much, but I’m only doing 15 minutes so it shouldn’t be so bad.

I’ve planned a bike ride out to a park on Lake Erie which has a swimming beach. My plan is to get up relatively early Saturday morning and bike out there (7.5 miles) and swim before people are out and about creating traffic. Depending on what the park’s like, I might bring a book and hang out there most of the day or just ride back. I want to take my road bike, but since it’s my first trip out that way it’s probably best to do the mountain bike. The things they refer to as roads around here often resemble a series of strategically placed potholes which could chew up my road bike and spit it out as a small pile of metal shavings.


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