Entry for July 11, 2008

My couch is gone. Some people came to give it a new home on Wednesday. All my furniture except one folding chair and the rug (is a rug furniture?) has been moved to my new apartment. The box spring only made it up the stairs because it was slightly flexible. Josh and Redheds assisted me with that last night and I am very thankful.

They were supposed to come at 7:30. I went with a load of stuff out to the car at 7:25 and for the first time since I’ve lived there, locked my keys inside. What fantastic timing I have!! Anyway, I rang all the doorbells, and nobody answered. Then Josh showed up, and he probably thought I was crazy. He probably already thought that. Anyway, it took me about 45 seconds to break into my apartment through the bedroom window. Yay! I’m glad nobody has broken into my apartment and stolen stuff, because it would be super easy. That’s another good thing about the new place. It’s on the third floor, so you’d have to either get through two locked doors or have a really long ladder to get in. Better not lock my keys inside!

I slept at the new place last night. It was HOT. The window AC is completely useless because the place just soaks up the heat from the sun on the roof all day, so the walls radiate heat. Luckily it got cool last night, so finally around 12:30 it was cool enough to sleep. Redheds offered me their old window AC, and I think I’ll take them up on the offer. At least I can cool my bedroom that way. That’s the important thing. Hopefully the cats are ok with being roasting. I haven’t moved them yet. They’re all by their selves in an almost empty apartment. I’ll probably move them tomorrow. Or maybe Sunday.


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