Entry for July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

The Mormon musical was very well done and somewhat enjoyable. It was a little weird… no, a LOT weird to hear all those people singing about getting the book of Mormon off of golden plates and everyone in the room believing it. But wow… There’s nothing like a bunch of singing Mormon men. I’m gonna need Ken to grow some sideburns and sing to me. Otherwise I might need to become Mormon. The women singers weren’t that great. They had fairly decent voices, but their sense of pitch could have been better. There was one little girl who had a long solo, and she was very good. The guy who played Joseph Smith had a nice voice, but it wasn’t particularly well controlled. Anyway, it was definitely interesting to learn a little bit about history. Apparently the Mormons moved from New York to Kirtland, OH in their first migration. They built their first temple there which is still standing, although it doesn’t belong to them. Oh, how that must smart. They have re-built a bit of the town as it was and I guess they offer tours. Sam said the sawmill is pretty cool. There were good cookies afterwards too!

Last night I fell asleep early – like 10:30ish and when I woke up this morning I thought it must be like at least 9 or 10. It was actually like 6:10. Apparently if I went to bed a half an hour earlier, I would be able to pull my carcass out of bed 2 hours earlier than I normally desire to.


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