Entry for July 03, 2008

I read Bekah’s book last night. It’s good. Much better than the novel I wrote, I’m sure. I liked it. Go Bekah.

I finally started cleaning my old apartment last night. It was a disaster. I vacuumed and washed dishes and now it’s almost habitable. I was going to sweep and try out my new mop as well, but forgot that the broom is at the new place. I could have gone over to get it, but it was approaching my bedtime, so I decided to leave it for another day.

After my run I found a gift sitting in the dumpster just for me. It’s a crappy set of drawers made of fake wood (particle board) which someone threw out. It will be perfect to hold the huge microwave of doom so it doesn’t consume the entire counter and provide me with some more storage space. It’s a bit broken, but I think I can fix it enough for it to be useful. It’s got that awful plastic fake wood grain on the outside, so maybe I’ll paint it a fun color(s). We’ll see. I am delighted with it, because now I don’t have to spend money and effort on finding something!

I also found one more good thing about Ohio. Fireflies! I don’t remember seeing them in August. Maybe that’s too late in the season for them. But last night they were out all over the place and it was cool.

Tonight I’m going to a Mormon musical. I hope it’s good! My plans for tomorrow include moving more stuff, sparklers, and perhaps trying to get to the “neighboring town” fireworks. You know how the west side of WA is just one huge city and nobody actually knows which town is which? Cleveland is like that but worse, because it covers a much smaller area. For instance, I live in Cleveland Heights. The only thing that differentiates Cleveland Heights from Cleveland, Mayfield Heights, Shaker Heights, Lyndhurst, East Cleveland, etc, is that there is a magical invisible line. Oh, and Cleveland Heights residents pay ridiculously high taxes. I have no idea where one town ends and the next one starts. It’s highly stupid.


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