Entry for June 30, 2008

It’s now official. I have signed up for the Findley Lake triathlon on Sept 6. I looked at the results from the past two years and in 2006 there were 0 females in my age group, and in 2007 there were four. My goal is no longer to finish. My goal is to place in my age group. To WIN in my age group. That might be a bit of a lofty goal… I’ll stick with placing.

I saw a dead baby skunk last week on my commute. It was SO adorable. I probably need a pet skunk. Wonder what my landlord would say to that? The skunk is no longer adorable and it now smells bad.

I went to Fartro’s twice this week, once for game night, where we played my new Cranium game and Hearts, and then yesterday for lunch. Sunday lunch conversation, the two times I’ve been there, always turns to politics. I am so much more liberal than anyone there that I don’t say anything. Strange situation. Ah well, I like almost all of them anyway.

Due to a mis-understanding, I get the keys to my apartment either this afternoon or tomorrow morning instead of in two weeks. The gas company is coming tomorrow afternoon to turn on my gas, so I have to have them by 4:00 tomorrow. I wasn’t mentally prepared to be moving yet, so it’s still kinda surreal. I think it’ll be nice to have 15 days to move instead of 4 though. I spent some time yesterday getting things that are easy to pack together. So all my camping stuff, winter clothes that I haven’t worn in months, most of my towels, and some cat supplies are all ready to go. I’m not sure what my transition plan is yet. I will need help to move my furniture (all 4 items) over, and I can’t really stay there until I get a bed, at the very least. I also want to keep the cats at the old place until it’s time for their new flea treatment (the 10th, maybe?). So do I pack up the kitchen and do all my cooking at the new place? or do I keep it until later?

Speaking of a bed, Redheds have graciously offered me a new mattress for my bed. Hallelujah!!! Mine really did not last well. I can still sleep on it, but it’s not optimal. I think I’ll put it up on free-cycle to see if anyone wants it. Anyway, Redheds have an extra full, which is just what I need. They also have an extra window AC if I should want it. Yay!

Cosmo has started throwing up on the carpet lately. It’s bright orange, because of the cat food. Sigh. He’s been in the apartment for like 5 months now with no carpet staining problems. There’s just about another week and a half before he begins a new life on easy to clean hardwood floors. Why couldn’t he wait a couple of weeks before developing this new habit? Hopefully he’s not terribly sick and doesn’t keep throwing up.


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