Entry for June 27, 2008

To motivate myself in my preparation for the triathlon, I am going to try to write a post ever Friday with a summary of the week’s workouts, starting on the previous Saturday. So here’s this week’s.

Saturday: Rode my bike to and from West Side Market – total around 90 min.
Sunday: Watched like 8 House episodes in a row because the weather never cleared up to go swimming. That probably doesn’t count as a workout.
Monday: Walked 30 min at lunch, biked home (13ish minutes), swam 1600 yards
Tuesday: Walked 30 min at lunch, Biked to and from work (20 min), swam 1600 yards
Wednesday: Biked 20 min, swam 1700 yards, walked 30 min
Thursday: Biked 20 min, ran (in the pouring rain) 20 min. It was thundering all night, so the pool dip didn’t happen.
Friday: Biked to and possibly from work, walked 30 min, scheduled to swim 40 min tonight if the weather cooperates.

Here’s the official schedule for next week: 20 min bike and 30 min walk every week-day plus:
Saturday: Bike 45 min
Sunday: Swim or rest, depending on weather.
Monday: Swim 20 min, bike 30 min (extra)
Tuesday: Swim or rest, depending on weather
Wednesday: Run 25 min
Thursday: Swim 25 min
Friday: Bike 45 min


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