Entry for June 26, 2008

After well over 14 hours traveling I arrived in Pasco on Thursday. Mom picked me up and we went to Costco, where I finally got new nose pads for my glasses. Hooray! Grandma and Grandpa Leenheer were at home to greet me. I don’t think I’d seen them since my graduation last year. Ken came over that night and we all had dinner and helped wash windows. Ken showed off his new 22, which we shot. What fun. Dad was off picking Grandma and Grandpa Deibler from the airport in Spokane.

On Friday I went out for lunch with Ken at Lotus Asian Market and got delicious asparagus chicken. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I think I spent most of the day at home working to get ready for Bethany’s graduation party. That night after dinner we went to Bethany’s graduation from CBC. It was long and boring, like any good graduation. The speeches were singularly bad though. The plan was to go home and play card games with everyone that night, but we went home and Ken took pictures of us, then we kinda all went to bed.

On Saturday we worked around the house more getting ready for the party. We also floated down the river from Stanton’s. We madly dashed around getting more ready for the party, then the party arrived. It was a party. The food was exquisite. I should know, I made a good portion of it! Bethany, you have excellent taste in party food. As a future reference for myself, should I ever need to make party food, the menu was as follows:

Tortilla asparagus roll thingies


Peppers+Carrots+Dip. I guess the peas were included here, but I think they deserve a line of their own.

Some salty pretzelish mix

Punch with cranberry juice, some citrus pop, and raspberry sherbet ice cream

Carrot cake

Little cheesecakes – chocolate and vanilla.

Ken and I snuck out of the party after 2.5 hours and went to see Indiana Jones, then went to Winco and got steaks to eat. They were fantastic.

On Sunday we went to church and then went home and had Father’s Day and Bethany opened her graduation presents. After that, we scrambled around and got ready to go camping. Me and my sisters left in our van around 4. We drove up to White Pass and camped at a National Forest campground with no water, but pit toilets. There was a very cold stream that we had fun exploring, a lot of fire that we had fun sitting around and making a ton of noise, and overall hilarity.

Monday breakfast was re-heated pancakes roasted over the fire. There’s nothing like a good smoky pancake in the morning. We packed up and headed over White Pass, through Mt. Rainer National Park, on around the bottom of Puget Sound, and up to Ft. Flagler state park. We met our parents and one set of grandparents there and stayed in a great house on top of the bluff overlooking the Sound. Dinner was spaghetti just for me! Not that any one else complained. It was great. That night we saw Lauren’s pictures from Venezuela, Grandpa and Grandma Martha’s pictures from Indonesia/PNG, Bethany and Sara’s orchestra concert, and played Frisbee in the dark.

On Tuesday we got up bright and early and I made breakfast. Most of the pictures posted are from after breakfast while we were getting ready to go to Port Townsend to touristize. We then touristized in Port Townsend for a while, then went to the Fort there which I can’t remember what it’s called for the life of me. We saw the beach there and went to the Artillery museum, which was quite well done and interesting. Finally we headed across the peninsula to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. On the way, we stopped and ate on a dock in the sound. It was a very beautiful place to eat. When we got there the water was completely glassy smooth. Hurricane Ridge was kinda disappointing because there were a lot of clouds, so the view wasn’t great. However, we did find some snow and have fun playing in that. After a stop at Safeway, we made the long trek back to Ft. Flagler, and had meat cannonballs (little roundish steaks that were absolutely fantastic) for dinner. After dinner, Lauren, Bethany, and I left to drive home. We made it home around 1 the next morning.

On Wednesday I slept in for a bit, then went to Sub Factory with Ken. I love their Chicken Fajita sub. They should ship me one right now. That evening… I have no idea what we did. Something. It was definitely something. I think maybe we went out for dinner. We’re big on the whole eating thing. Oh yes. We went to Nothing But Noodles. It was pretty tasty. After that we went to my house and hung out and terrorized Lauren and took the dog for a walk.

On Thursday I got all packed up, and went out for lunch AGAIN. We went to Chapala Express, and it was delicious yet again. There’s nothing like good Mexican food. Ken went back to work, and I went home and went floating with Bethany, Marie, and another friend, Ronnie. Ken came and picked up Marie and I, and we went to Winco to buy ingredients for curry. Then we went back to Ken’s house and made dinner. After dinner Ken took me to the airport, and I flew back to Cleveland.

It was a fantastic trip. I ate more meat during that week than I had in the entire month previously. It’s a lot of work to cook meat for myself. It takes forethought to take it out of the freezer. I’m proud to say that there is currently a chicken breast thawed in the fridge for my fajitas tonight.


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