Entry for June 24, 2008

It didn’t thunder last night! I spent a marvelous 45 minutes swimming! It was the best thing I’ve ever done in Cleveland, I think. I can’t wait to go again tonight. I met an Indian guy who was attempting to learn to swim in the lane next to me. He was amazed at my swimming prowess. Haha. I felt like I was pathetic, but I guess I must have looked ok. I managed at least 50 of each stroke and I think a total of 1600ish yards. Or meters. Not sure what the pool is. I’m guessing yards, since it appears to be fairly old. I should bring my stopwatch and see how ridiculously slowly I’m swimming. I’m guessing it’s pretty bad.

In other news, Tesla, of all cats, was naughty last night. I foolishly left the bathroom door open because it allows the air to flow much better though the place. She isn’t supposed to go up in the bathroom window because she destroys the blinds, knocks down my shampoo and makes tons of noise. She is well aware of this and doesn’t even usually go in the bathroom when I’m around because she knows I’ll speak harsh words to her and she is a very sensitive cat. Cosmo’s too non-athletic to get up there. Giant beer bellies will do that to a guy. Anyway, Tesla woke me up several times with a huge thump indicating that she was in the windowsill, jumping down into the tub, and generally making a nuisance of herself. I finally dragged myself out of bed, yelled at her, and shut the door. I went back to bed, and all of a sudden there was a huge crash, so I went see what was happening. She had knocked my bike over. It wasn’t Cosmo, because he was half asleep on the couch. It takes a lot of effort to knock my bike over, so I don’t know what she was doing.
Sigh. I also discovered that someone left one single poop nugget out of the box. I’m fairly sure it’s Cosmo who pulls this trick. I don’t know how he manages to get all but that one nugget in the box, it must take talent. Or he’s stupid. I think it’s probably the later.


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