Entry for June 03, 2008

As I was french-braiding my hair six days ago I decided that it was pathetic that my arms got tired just from being held up to my head in the time it takes to make two braids. Thus, I decided to do pushups. There was just one problem. I can’t actually DO a useful number of real pushups. I can do about one. I’m that pathetically weak. So I had to start out with girly wimpy pushups. I am doing them in sets of 15 throughout the day whenever I get a chance. The result is that I now can’t braid my hair at all because my arms are sore… But I am up to 90 a day, and I think that I may need up the amount that I do in a set to 20 because 15 is actually do-able without rest. Perhaps tomorrow I shall try to do a few real pushups. It would be pretty cool if I were actually able to just drop and do about 50 real pushups. Or… if I were able to do just 1 pull up. Perhaps that should be my goal. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

I just ate my lunch of bread stick things and tszatziki sauce/dip stuff. There’s some seminar going on down in the lecture room and they had a full lunch of something that is very garlicy and delicious smelling. So much for being satisfied with my lunch. Ah well, I will console myself with thoughts of the planned Chipotle tonight for dinner.


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