Entry for May 23, 2008

I just saw the MOST adorable apartment. I WANT. It’s perfect except it has no balcony, is still in Cleveland Heights, and the price doesn’t include heat. But it has a dishwasher. And hardwood floors. And free parking. And free laundry. And a perfect place to keep my bike inside in the basement. And my cats are welcome. And the landlord’s really nice. And it has two window air conditioners. And it’s just across the and down the street from where I am now, so it’s still close to the grocery store, library and Chipotle, but it’s much quieter because it’s off the main street. And did I mention it’s so cute? And it’s tiny, which is good. He’s even willing to let me just rent in July instead of June. But I practiced restraint and said I’d call him back next week after I look at a few more places. The question is, do I want 1200 extra dollars a year, or that apartment? My soul wants it. But my head says I ought to at least look at a few other places first. And consider how much 4800 dollars over 4 years is worth to me.

I hope it’s still available next week and I don’t find anything else.


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