Entry for May 22, 2008

Here’s several things that I’ve read this past week on which I wanted to comment sarcastically.

I was reading one of those raw food websites in a kind of morbid fascination and the author made a sweeping generalization to the effect that our great grandparents wouldn’t have been able to eat the food we eat today because it has too much grease and sugar and starch in it. As I recall, my great grandfather ate fried pig fat. And my grandparents at least eat rusk, which is packaged dried white bread with milk and tons of sugar on top. I think it’s a dutch food. How about Banket? Granted that’s probably a special occasion food, but as I recall it’s mostly butter and sugar with a few almonds tossed in for flavoring. Don’t tell me that my great-grandparents didn’t eat grease, sugar, or starch. They were hardworking farm people. They probably ate little else in the winters. You can’t keep vegetables all winter!

I got a free subscription to Good Housekeeping with a cookbook I got for Christmas. I just got one in the mail yesterday. It always has these ridiculous articles about decorating in which all of the houses which are decorated look the same to me. They look like nobody lives in them. That’s the point of a house, no? Anyway, this particular edition had a house in it and it had the books shelved with the pages out, to “create a more uniform look”. And I laughed and laughed. Because the point of a bookshelf is obviously to be good looking. Not to, you know, hold books so that they can be easily found and read and stored. I suppose it makes reading a book a more exciting experience because you don’t know what you’re going to end up with.


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