Entry for May 19, 2008

I had a meeting with JJL and he was pleased at the progress I’ve made and gave me a huge list of stuff I can start to work on. Yay!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a realtor. Yikes! I plan on asking her about the housing market – whether it’s even possible for me to get what I need, and then if she thinks it is, I need to ask her about specifics. From perusing the internet, I have come up with some questions.

The realtor:
1. Who pays you? Me? The seller?
2. If I find a house on my own, can you work with me to get it?
3. What about auctions and foreclosed houses?
4. Do I have to stick with just you if I sign a buyer broker contract thingy, and how long is this contract for?

I think that’s all the most important questions.

Here’s what I need:
A house within 4 miles of Case (I have upped my distance. More bicycling never hurt anyone.)
This house must:
be cheap
be sturdy
not need major repairs (roof, foundation, plumbing, furnace, windows)
be small
be located somewhere safe
Be a likely candidate for me being able to sell it in 4 years.

The house should:
be in Cleveland or somewhere with cheap property and income taxes. (So that rules out all of Ohio then…)
be close to stuff (grocery store, library, bus line, park, a school (for resale purposes))
be blue. um. Just kidding. It can be any color. I am capable of painting if it’s sufficiently hideous.
have a good place to store my bike.
have a place which is a good candidate for a vegetable garden.
have a place to shut up my kitties when visitors come over.
have very few trees that I will have to rake up after. Ugh. (this also rules out all of Ohio)

I think there was more on my list, but I left it at school tonight. Hopefully I am sufficiently prepared for tomorrow’s meeting. If it goes promisingly, I need to probably qualify for a mortgage next. And in the meantime I’m still calling on apartments. What fun.


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