Entry for May 02, 2008

I finished The Three Musketeers. I was amused, but it was so… frivolous. It was very weird. It was definitely enjoyable though. I would recommend it. I also read The Invisible Man. I didn’t get it. It reminded me of Heart of Darkness. It was much better than Heart of Darkness, but it had that same flavor of trying to be enigmatic and deep and instead just completely losing me. I am too shallow for such deep books.

Last night I went to the library and got me some science fiction. I read one of them last night. Paul Melko’s book. What’s it called? I had to look it up. Singularity’s Ring. I had never read anything by him before, and I really liked it. I shall have to try to get a hold of some of his other stuff, although it might be a bit more difficult since I don’t think he’s written any other books, just short stories. The only reason that I picked it up is that I recognized the name from someone’s LiveJournal friends list. Anyway. It was good! I think it’s brand new, so go buy a copy.

I think my final went well. I messed up one question, but I think I got two thirds of it mostly correct, and hopefully it won’t bring my grade down. Now just to finish this Crystallography paper today, then start studying, then go to the Orchestra. Then tomorrow I shall wildly dash around town getting most of the errands that must be done in a car done for the summer. Not that there’s that many. I mainly want to stock up on cat food, litter, rice, noodles, flour, paper towels, toilet paper. You know, the heavy and bulky stuff.


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